Pep Brazo is a member of the Association of Architects for the Defence of and Intervention in Architectural Heritage (AADIPA), which aims to defend, protect, investigate and promote architectural heritage.

Restoring Casa Burés required a multidisciplinary team that could work together effectively and that fully appreciated the wholly unique nature of this modernist marvel. 

Before the works began on Casa Burés, a full-scale analysis of all its problems and requirements was completed so that they could each be referred to the best-suited specialist. The expert work of each and every one helped return the sparkle to this modernist gem that had been left to ruin and the victim of continued vandalism and theft. 

Site manager Pep Brazo, an technical architect at Urcotex, explained that back when it was first built, leading modernist architects worked hand-in-hand with some of the best artists and master craftspeople of their time. “It’s important for us to do the same now”. 

Urcotex focuses mainly on industrial and residential buildings, public works, demolitions, and renovation and restoration works on historical buildings. The company is renowned for its exceptional renovation and restoration work, having recently restored Palau Güell (a UNESCO World Heritage site), the main façade of Barcelona’s Cathedral, the main floor of Casa Amatller and the apse and choir lofts of Santa María del Mar Church. 


Max Rudgers

The carved wooden heads

Rudi Ranesi

The stone and the bear

Salvador Escrivá

Magical Nolla tiles

Joan Camprubí

One of the first lifts


Enchanting ceilings

Vitralls Bonet

The stained glass


The tesserae mosaics

Gisela Bosom

A world hidden under layers

Ebanistería Llorens

Modernist doors and windows

Jordi Pessarrodona

The lost metal